In October 2017 in Seattle I facilitated a Lean Knowledge Transfer workshop called ‘Learning at the Speed of Lean’ at ATD Puget Sound’s fall learning event. I split the attendees into teams and taught them how to use three Lean principles and tools to analyze and improve training workflows to achieve faster, more effective training. It was a great session and I was asked to run it again at the organization’s monthly chapter event in May 2018.

Here’s my interview with Scott Melanson before the May event where we discussed Lean and how it can transform learning and development. On top of the audio, I’ve overlaid pics of the value stream maps we created during the above events and some pics of me presenting.

After listening to this interview, you’ll understand these three things (and more!) in the context of learning and development:

  • How value stream maps capture workflow, identify wastes to eliminate and areas to improve.
  • The need for speed, speed and more speed and how to achieve it.
  • The importance of being a problem solver, not just a content creator.