Case Studies

Improving Training With Lean: A Case Study

The story of how a Maverick Improving Training With Lean project is generating millions of dollars in cost savings.


Mindful Habits for 7 Lean Practices by Todd Hudson and Joseph Anderson

Learn how a few simple mindful practices can help your organization achieve more from your Lean methods and programs. Get the pdf

White Papers

Lean for Training and Learning

Read this white paper to get a brief working knowledge of Lean Knowledge Transfer concepts and terminology.

Lean Knowledge Transfer for Healthcare

Read this white paper to grasp the power of Lean Knowledge Transfer to speed learning, reduce errors and improve patient outcomes in healthcare environments .


Chief Learning Officer Magazine: How to Use Lean to Select Learning Technologies

Learning technologies have the potential to add tremendous value to your organization. In this article for Chief Learning Officer magazine, Todd Hudson shows how – if not carefully evaluated before you buy – that same technology can also create an ungodly amount of Training Waste.

Chief Learning Officer Magazine: Create a Lean Learning Environment

When training budgets are tight, Todd Hudson’s article in Chief Learning Officer magazine says Lean is the right approach to make the most of your resources.

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