Knowledge Capture for Departing Experts

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Are You Worried About Losing Critical Knowledge From Departing Experts?

Whether your expert is retiring, finishing up a workout or moving on to a new career opportunity, I can help you capture and transfer their most critical knowledge.

Using reliable Lean methods for knowledge capture and transfer – for example, Training Within Industry and the Sure-Fire method – I work with you to:

  • Assess what knowledge needs to be captured and who should receive it.
  • Decide how the knowledge to transfer is best made available to nextperts. (One-to-one? Automation? Expert system?)
  • Capture and transfer the knowledge to your nextperts.

Don’t wait to call me in. It always takes longer than you think. The more lead time, the more knowledge you can preserve.


Why You Need Knowledge Capture for Departing Experts

Todd’s approach really resonates with our business because he has practical experience in similar environments.  He has faced the same road blocks and applies effective solutions with a blend of humor, knowledge and encouragement.

V.P. of Human Resources, beverage distribution company

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