About the Maverick Institute

At the Maverick Institute, our mission is to create new ideas and applications for process improvement and make them fresh and relevant for today’s organizations.

We help organizations achieve rapid performance gains with a toolbox of process improvement methods.

We work with you to uncover simple, incremental improvements you can make to dramatically improve speed, quality, safety and costs to meet your strategic goals.


We also pioneered the application of Lean to knowledge transfer and training, creating a specific methodology for eliminating training waste and adding learning value to accelerate knowledge flow across organizations.

We also offer knowledge capture, transfer and management services to help organizations retain critical knowledge when experts are retiring, completing a workout or leaving for another career opportunity. 

About Our Founder, Head Maverick Todd Hudson

Todd Hudson is head of the Maverick Institute, a consulting firm for operations excellence and knowledge management.

An industrial engineer with a Six Sigma black belt and extensive experience in Lean, statistical methods and other improvement techniques, Todd managed operations for large and mid-sized high tech manufacturers.

While managing these facilities, he quickly realized that “machines = easy, but humans = hard.” He could make rapid process improvements, but teaching an entire 24/7 workforce how to do them correctly was a huge challenge.

He began experimenting with methods for effective, efficient training and knowledge transfer and eventually founded the Maverick Institute to bring a complete package of process improvement, Lean and knowledge transfer services to clients around the world.

Over the years, he has worked with Microsoft, Taiwan Semiconductor, Siltronic, Planar, St. Jude Childen’s Hospital, Honda, Honeywell and many more.

He also pioneered the application of Lean to the process of training and the Maverick Institute’s green/black belt Lean Learning program consistently delivers huge results for companies big and small.

He is co-author of Mindful Habits for 7 Lean Practices, as well as Eliminate, Automate or Transfer? Three Ways to Retain Critical Knowledge Before Your Expert Leaves, and two books on employing Lean methods to accelerate onboarding of new hires: “My Personal Onboarding Plan: The New HIre’s Guide to On the Job Success” and “Not a Moment to Lose: The Step-by-Step Guide to Internship Success.” 

Todd is also a popular speaker at conferences and a prolific writer whose articles have appeared in Chief Learning Officer magazine, the New York Times, the Portland Business Journal and many other business media, podcasts and webcasts.

He also is a trained CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteer in Oregon and helps not-for-profits in Portland use Lean methods to address homelessness. 

Todd holds an MS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts, a BA in Chinese and Economics from Connecticut College, a certificate from Stanford University’s Executive Program in Strategy and Organization and a Six Sigma Black Belt from the Motorola program. He is a whiz in the kitchen, an avid kayaker, cyclist and amateur filmmaker.

Meet the Team 

Tamara Greenleaf

Tamara Greenleaf

VP - Communications

Tamara Greenleaf is in charge of our published content: website, blog, media relations, newsletters, books, and case studies. A writer by trade, she’s a published author and has years of experience managing communications for companies of all sizes, including the Fortune 100. She has a gift for helping our clients tell their process improvement success stories via case studies, presentations and business publications. 

Denise Glancy

Denise Glancy

Account Manager

Denise Glancy excels at helping our clients uncover opportunities to achieve performance gains by improving speed, quality, safety, onboarding and costs. A seasoned pro with years of experience as Fortune 100 manager, she has excellent judgment, sensitivity to the nuances of interpersonal dynamics and a relentless focus on results and metrics. Our clients appreciate her superior listening abilities and keen powers of observation and assessment. 



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