Lean for Training

Is Your Organization Learning at the Speed of Lean?

Training is the commonly the least efficient and most ineffective process you’ll find in most organizations. Employees spend hundreds, even thousands, of hours in classes or online with little to show for it. This “learning burden” takes valuable time away from creating and delivering real customer value.

Seeking a better way, I pioneered the application of Lean (a continuous improvement methodology) to corporate training. My “Lean for Training” methods teach you how to reduce your organization’s learning burden, eliminate “training waste,” add “learning value” and get people proficient at lightning speed.

At the Maverick Institute we offer these options for improving training with Lean:

  • Green and black belt certifications.
  • Custom workshops.
  • One-on-one coaching to help your employees with training responsibilities get the most benefit from these new Lean methods.

If you’d like to learn how improving training with Lean can help your organization, give me a holler.

What Clients Are Saying

“Traditional methods of Learning and Development focus on hitting training targets that aren’t always tied to need or business outcomes.  We used blanket approaches with a check the box attitude.  

After working with Todd to complete his Lean Knowledge Transfer certification, our Learning and Development Director was able to focus our learning outcomes on what we were seeing and feeling every day.

The results skyrocketed the credibility of the learning process.  People began to take notice of learning activities because they had seen how relevant the content was to actual, current problems.  The Lean approach eliminated the waste we found in excess materials and time spent learning things that were irrelevant or already known.

Todd Hudson’s approach really resonates with our business because he has practical experience in similar environments.  He has faced the same road blocks and applies effective solutions with a blend of humor, knowledge and encouragement.”

Michelle R.

Senior Vice President, HR, beverage distribution company

“I attended Todd’s Improving Training With Lean workshop and was astounded at the ideas I took away. He was clear about how to eliminate waste in training classes, made it easy to learn – fun videos and was great at helping the group rethink how training can make a difference. It was a GREAT class.”

Founder, consulting company

“Todd Hudson’s workshop on applying Lean principles to the training arena was extraordinary.  After just 15 minutes, I began experiencing ‘AHA moments’ that lasted throughout the session. His well-articulated perspective has already made a positive difference in how I approach, design, and deliver training.”

HR/OD consultant

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