Managing Knowledge for Operations Excellence


Efficient knowledge management is an often-overlooked wellspring of opportunities to achieve operations excellence.

While managing large manufacturing plants, I quickly realized that efficient, effective knowledge transfer could play a huge role in continuous improvement and operations excellence in general.

Seeking a better way, I began researching and developing specialized expertise in knowledge capture, transfer and management, as well as pioneering the application of Lean to training and learning. At the Maverick Institute, we offer a variety of specific and strategic knowledge solutions.

Wondering which approach is right for you? Give me a holler.

Knowledge Capture and Transfer for Your Outgoing Experts

Whether your expert is retiring, finishing up a workout or moving on to a new career opportunity, we can help you capture and transfer their most critical knowledge. We use proven, reliable capture methods from TWI (Training Within Industry) and our own Maverick version of the well-known SureFire teaching technique. 

If you have one or more experts who will be leaving your organization, don’t wait to get started on making a plan for knowledge capture and transfer. The sooner you begin, the more knowledge you’ll be able to retain for your organization.  



Eliminate | Automate | Transfer: A Strategic Approach for Retaining Expert Knowledge

Todd Hudson’s E.A.T. methodology is a strategic approach for managing knowledge when an expert leaves. E.A.T. enables your organization to treat your expert’s departure as a huge opportunity to:

  • Solve or remove long-standing headaches.
  • Move customers to better products or processes.
  • Embrace new concepts and methods.
  • Make processes more stable and reliable.
  • Embrace new technologies to exceed what your expert is capable of doing today.

ELIMINATE – Can you remove the need for the expert’s knowledge by retiring obsolete processes or products, or mistake proofing your process so it no longer requires expert attention?

AUTOMATE – Can you move part of your outgoing expert’s knowledge over to an AI or expert system? This is a great solution if you want to make that knowledge available at all hours across your organization.

TRANSFER – Once you’ve eliminated the need for some of your expert’s knowledge and/or automated some of it, you can then transfer the remaining knowledge to others.

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