Is Your Organization Learning at the Speed of Lean?

Maverick Lean Knowledge Transfer Certifications Teach You How to Remake Your Training for Fast, Efficient Learning

Training is the least efficient and most ineffective process you’ll find in most organizations. Employees spend hundred, even thousands, of hours in classes or online with little to show for it. This “learning burden” takes valuable time away from creating and delivering real customer value.

In our 12 Weeks to Lean program we help you redesign and mistake-proof processes to minimize the need for training altogether. But you can only mistake-proof so much and for the rest you need better and more effective training.

That’s where Lean Knowledge Transfer comes in. Lean KT is – quite simply – the application of Lean thinking and methods to learning itself.

Head Maverick Todd Hudson pioneered the application of Lean to workplace learning processes. With Lean Knowledge Transfer, you can reduce your organization’s learning burden, eliminate training waste and get people to proficiency at lightning speed.

Even better, we can certify you and your team as Lean Knowledge Transfer practitioners so you can apply these powerful methods to future training projects on your own.

Lean Knowledge Transfer

Certification Programs

Maverick Green and Black Belt Certifications are designed to help you deploy Lean Knowledge Transfer at all levels of your organization.

Green Belt

For tactical learning practitioners like instructional designers and program managers, Green Belts learn to see training as a problem solving activity; not simply as content creation and deployment. Following the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle, they identify knowledge transfer value streams, map learnscapes, remove training waste and add learning value into individual courses  and entire training programs.

Black Belt

For strategic learning executives and leaders who oversee training at the organizational level. In addition to all Green Belt skills, Black Belts learn to estimate and reduce the organization’s overall learning burden, identify and manage learning value streams, increase knowledge flow and link learning to business goals and financial measures. This program is highly customizable so that it supports to your organization’s strategic objectives and your personal development plans.

Our Certification Programs are Lean!

Our certifications are designed with the same Lean principles that you’ll be learning. They are waste-free and packed with Lean Learning value to help you gain mastery quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your regular work day.

✔︎ Web-based training at your own pace.

✔︎ One-on-one coaching sessions with Head Maverick Todd Hudson.

✔︎ Project-focused learning as you solve a real business issue designed to deliver a 10x return on the cost of your certification. Now, that’s ROI!


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