Effective Knowledge Transfer is an untapped wellspring.

Capture knowledge from departing experts, dramatically improve safety and supercharge your training with Todd Hudson’s innovative methods.

Tap into the Hidden Benefits of Knowledge Transfer

While managing operations for large companies, I quickly realized that one of the biggest obstacles to organizational success is ineffective knowledge transfer. 

I’ve always been a big fan of both innovation and continuous improvement, so I began experimenting with knowledge transfer methods, eventually pioneering the application of Lean to training and creating new methods to embed safety knowledge and retain knowledge from departing experts. 

My results have surpassed even my own expectations, in some cases achieving millions of dollars in savings and loss prevention as well as unimagined levels of efficiency, productivity and workforce happiness. 

I founded the Maverick Institute to bring my innovations for knowledge transfer and training to organizations of all sizes. 

There’s nothing I like better than a new knowledge transfer challenge. Want to see how my maverick thinking can help your organization? Give me a holler.


Knowledge Transfer for Departing Experts

Whether your expert is retiring, finishing up a workout or moving on to a new career opportunity, I can help you capture and transfer their most critical knowledge.

Lean for Training

Fully customized for your organization,  Lean for Training provides lessons, certifications, coaching and workshops to teach your people fast, efficient and effective ways to develop and deploy learning solutions. 

Managing Knowledge for Operations Excellence

Do you have a plan for managing knowledge in your organization? I can help you plan for and achieve much more efficient ways to preserve and move knowledge around your organization.

“After working with Todd to complete his Lean for Training certification, our Learning and Development Director was able to focus our learning outcomes to what we were seeing and feeling every day.  The results skyrocketed the credibility of our learning process.”


~ Michelle Rose, Senior Vice President of HR for Columbia Distributing

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