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for Operations Excellence

At the Maverick Institute, Todd Hudson and his team help organizations strive for operations excellence with a toolbox of process improvement methods.


We work with you to uncover simple, incremental improvements you can make to dramatically improve speed, quality, safety and costs to meet your strategic goals.

Continuous Improvement Workshop

Todd Hudson’s fully customized Continuous Improvement workshop, held at your location, helps you deploy continuous improvement methods such as Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma. 

Operations Excellence Consulting

Have a gnarly problem or a big stretch goal? We have an entire toolbox of process improvement techniques as well as creative problem solving and decades of practical experience across many industries.

One-on-One Coaching

We offer packages for customized coaching by Todd Hudson, who has more than 25 years of Lean Six Sigma and staff management experience. A great followup to help people get the most out of our workshops or extend their knowledge in specific directions.

Improving Training With Lean

Fully customized for your organization, Todd Hudson’s popular Improving Training With Lean workshop teaches your people efficient, fast, and effective ways to develop and deploy learning solutions. 

“Todd is a dynamic, passionate, and effective facilitator. He gave a focused overview of Lean with excellent examples from his long experience, and got us on our feet working together to think and talk about how Lean applies to learning delivery. I love Todd’s energy, enthusiasm, and depth of knowledge – personally it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of Lean in a new way.”

~ Author, Speaker, Agile Coach

“I loved Todd’s Learning at the Speed of Lean workshop! So many of my L&D projects came flooding back during the activity. It was like revisiting some of the most stressful aspects of the last 10 years…and that is a GOOD thing! What a great argument for not only adopting Lean as a practice, but also seeing the real value of informal learning.”

~ Senior Instructional Designer at IT company

“Todd provided an excellent overview of Lean practice. He is a very engaging facilitator who caters an interactive presentation to the needs of the audience. This was the most valuable Lean intro session I’ve experienced.”

~ Organizational Change Manager – Business Intelligence, Data & Analytics

Todd Hudson is a dynamic facilitator. This seminar was a way to actually get my hands on the concepts rather than just reading and dreaming. There is nothing passive about the experience – you are actually working in teams to map out the process flow. I was able to immediately take away a process to quantify the need to change some of the ways we deliver. There were a few forehead slapping moments and it was really pretty fun too! I highly recommend this workshop.

~ HR Director at Baking Company

“I attended Todd’s Improving Training With Lean workshop and was astounded at the ideas I took away. He was clear about how to eliminate waste in training classes, made it easy to learn – fun videos, and was great at helping the group re-think how training can make a difference. It was a GREAT class….”

~ Founder, consulting company

“Todd Hudson’s workshop on applying Lean principles to the training arena was extraordinary.  After just 15 minutes, I began experiencing ‘AHA moments’ that lasted throughout the session. His well-articulated perspective has already made a positive difference in how I approach, design, and deliver training.”

~ HR/OD consultant

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The Cobots Are Coming!

The pandemic isn’t just creating new tectonic changes in the workplace – it’s also accelerating pre-pandemic changes. Today, I want to fill you in on one of those, an operations trend that will sweep across globe like wildfire now that Covid-019 has lit the match: Cobots. (Article 6 in Todd Hudson’s “Climbing the Reopen Mountain Series.”)

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Solving Problems in the Pandemic: What to Do When it Hits the Fan

Solving Problems in the Pandemic: What to Do When it Hits the Fan

When it hits the fan, it’s time to get into problem solving mode! But when you try to do that, you’ll find that COVID-19 is going to impede your efforts. Your people can’t, like they used to, just all pile into a conference room with gallons of coffee and dozens of donuts and spend hours (maybe even days?) arguing the issues and thinking of ideas to try. (Article 5 in Todd Hudson’s “Climbing the Reopen Mountain Series.”)

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Sh*t Still Happens. Plan For It Before Your Ramp-Up.

Sh*t Still Happens. Plan For It Before Your Ramp-Up.

So let’s say you really nail the standard work and your ramp-up is going great. What happens next? WHAM! Something you didn’t plan for. Something you couldn’t plan for because you couldn’t even see it coming. (Article 4 in Todd Hudson’s “Climbing the Reopen Mountain Series.”)

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