FAQ - Lean Knowledge Transfer Certifications

How is a Lean KT Certification different from other Lean belts?

Lean certifications are often tailored for specific purposes. For example, Lean Six Sigma is oriented for manufacturing processes. Lean Healthcare is designed for hospital environments. And Lean Office is designed to improve administration. Lean Knowledge Transfer is specifically designed to improve the process of training and learning. It guides learning from the strategic level all the way down to creating individual learning solutions.

I want a Green Belt now, but in the future I might want a Black Belt. Since the Green Belt content is included in the Black Belt, does that mean I'd be paying for a Green Belt twice?

No. If you get your Green Belt now and decide to go for a Green Belt later, we’ll deduct the cost of the Green Belt from your Black Belt certification.

Why is the Black Belt cost significantly more than a Green Belt?

Our Black Belt certification program is much more extensive than the Green Belt. Because Black Belts are doing Lean KT at a strategic level, the possibilities and ramifications of decisions are much bigger and require greater levels of judgment and knowledge. Black Belts receive much more substantial coaching. Black Belt certifications also include Lean Leadership training and require five projects (versus 2 projects for a Green Belt). 

Is there a time limit on getting my certification?

Our time limits are generous, within the limits of the number of coaching sessions we provide. The time limit for the Green Belt is six months. The time limit for the Black Belt is 12 months. Most belt candidates complete their certification in far less time. 

What if I can't finish my certification in the allotted time?

We will help you develop a workable schedule. If there are good reasons for needing an extension we can usually work it out.

What if I want more coaching sessions than my certification allows?

You can purchase a packet of five additional coaching sessions for $1000. You may purchase as many packets as you need.

What will I receive on completion of my certification?

You will receive a framed certificate to hang on your wall, as well as a digital badge you can use for your email signature and other professional credentials.

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