12 Weeks to Lean Practice

A 3-Step Program to Help You Achieve Rapid Results with Lean

Are you expanding Lean throughout your company?

Have a chronic problem that’s driving you crazy?

Curious to know if Lean is right for you?

We can help.

Unlike one-size-fits-all Lean rollouts that focus on wide-ranging corporate culture transformations and massive training efforts, our customized approach gets you and your team practicing Lean by tackling a specific problem area and delivering measurable improvements in just 12 weeks.


12 Weeks to Lean Practice Overview

Our proven three-step process starts your organization quickly practicing Lean the right way so it becomes a sustained effort and cultural habit.

Success Assessment

(Week 1)

Before jumping in, we get the lay of the land. We identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses regarding Lean thinking and behaviors.

You’re probably doing some things well already. And we can use these to accelerate your practice.

We also find out where you’re likely to stumble and need help, so we can focus and tailor our teaching and coaching efforts.

No one-size-fits-all approach here.

Leaders Take the Lead

(Weeks 2 – 4)

A sustained Lean practice depends on good leaders, so we start creating them right away. Leaders learn and practice Lean thinking and methods on themselves and with their peers, before their front-line employees, to understand what’s involved and the critical role they’ll play.

In addition, we train up a Lean Facilitator who will be our eyes and ears when we’re not onsite, and who will be a resource to you and your team after our 12-week process is complete.

Engage the Gemba

(Weeks 5 – 12)

In this stage, we roll out Lean to your front-line employees by attacking a specific problem and using your new Lean leaders and Lean Facilitator.

We will analyze the current state to select the right Lean method(s) for your problem; remove errors and waste; and create flow, a simplified process that’s faster, less expensive and higher quality.

Then, you’ll learn to sustain your improved performance with daily front-line management and problem solving.

Learn Lean By Doing Lean

Our 3-step program uses Lean thinking and methods to help you and your team understand their roles and responsibilities as well as learning and applying continuous improvement tools and techniques.

Lean concepts and tools such as visual management, standup meetings and the PDSA cycle are the basis of our approach. It may sound odd, but it’s true: Lean will help you become Lean.

In addition, you’ll experience our unique Lean Knowledge Transfer process where we’ve applied Lean thinking and methods to training. You and your team will learn just what you need and just when you need it for maximum effectiveness.

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