Is Your Organization Learning at the Speed of Lean?

Maverick Lean Knowledge Transfer Helps You Remake Your Training for Fast, Efficient Learning

Training is the least efficient and most ineffective process you’ll find in most organizations. Employees spend hundred, even thousands, of hours in classes or online with little to show for it. This “learning burden” takes valuable time away from creating and delivering real customer value.

With Lean process improvement we help you redesign and mistake-proof processes to minimize the need for training altogether. But you can only mistake-proof so much and for the rest you need better and more effective training.

That’s where Lean Knowledge Transfer comes in. Lean KT is – quite simply – the application of Lean thinking and methods to learning itself.

Head Maverick Todd Hudson pioneered the application of Lean to workplace learning processes. With Lean Knowledge Transfer, you can reduce your organization’s learning burden, eliminate training waste and get people to proficiency at lightning speed.

We offer a Lean KT workshop as well as individual green belt and black belt certifications.

Two Ways You Can Deploy Lean Knowledge Transfer


Our Lean Knowledge Transfer Workshop teaches employees with training responsibilities (e.g., L&D, EHS, Compliance, Regulatory) how to apply Lean thinking and methods to efficiently create and deploy more effective learning solutions.

Green and Black Belt Certifications

When you’re ready for next-level Lean KT results, Maverick Green and Black Belt Certifications create deep expertise through focused work on real-time projects

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