Continuous Improvement Workshop

The Most Optimal Way to Deploy Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma

The Maverick Continuous Improvement Workshop, fully customized for you and held at your location, helps you deploy continuous improvement methods such as Lean, Kaizen and Six Sigma.

Workshop attendees learn these methods from real-work examples and exercises in their own workplace.

Delivered with Todd Hudson’s trademark high energy teaching style, the workshop is full of “AHA!” moments that will have attendees on the edge of their seats and eager to implement continuous improvements back at their jobs.


Fully Customized, Because Your Organization is Unique

No two organizations are alike. They have different histories, cultures, resources and challenges.

Those differences are exactly why generic workshops fail to connect with your leadership and employees, and why they don’t deliver meaningful, long-lasting results.


That’s why we only offer our continuous improvement training as a fully customized workshop.

Your challenges, your goals and objectives, your data and your jargon create an experience that grabs participants’ attention and harnesses their passion and creativity.

You’ll see and hear the difference right away.



STEP 1 - We Learn About Your Organization, Situation ... and You

To tailor your training, we work to understand you and your organization. How you create and deliver customer value. Your goals, strategy, milestones and obstacles to success. We review whatever data you can share. We talk with your leaders and individual contributors. We walk your operation to see your processes in action. In this phase we uncover improvement opportunities that we then turn into learning experiences for your participants.


STEP 2 - We Create a Custom Workshop ... With You

Working collaboratively with you, we use all that we’ve learned above to tailor the workshop specifically for your people. Our goal is to create a learning experience that full engages employees and focuses the team on concepts and tools most relevant to success. We specialize in creating “AHA” moments that generate excitement and deep-seating learning when learners see the new possibilities before them.

Modules we commonly include:

  • Walking the Workplace (Gemba)
  • Identifying Three Types of Waste
  • Mapping Value Streams and Process Flows
  • Creating Standard Work
  • Problem Solving Using A3 Thinking (Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle)
  • Mistake Proofing (Poka Yoke)
  • Visual Management

STEP 3 - We Teach and Practice ... at Your Workplace

We hold the workshop at your place of business and preferably as near to the work as possible. Walking the workplace (gemba) to see how it’s done today, catch and analyze problems and discuss improvement methods on the spot is a key part of the workshop. It brings the continuous improvement process to life!

Workshop length and timing are flexible. We can do full days, half days or a mix of both. You can schedule time between sessions for assignments and reflection. The learning schedule should dovetail with the work and provide your team with opportunities to see problems happen and time to apply skills and build new habits.

“Todd is a dynamic, passionate, and effective facilitator. I was truly amazed at how much ground we covered! He gave a focused overview of Lean with excellent examples from his long experience, and got us (a large group) on our feet working together. I love Todd’s energy, enthusiasm, and depth of knowledge – personally it has opened my eyes to the possibilities of Lean in a new way.”

~ Author, Speaker, Agile Coach

“Todd provided an excellent overview of the Lean practice. He is a very engaging facilitator who caters an interactive presentation to the needs of the audience. This was the most valuable two-hour Lean intro session I’ve experienced.”

~ Organizational Change Manager – Business Intelligence, Data & Analytics

“Todd Hudson is a dynamic facilitator. This seminar was a way to actually get my hands on the concepts rather than just reading and dreaming. There is nothing passive about the experience – you are actually working in teams to map out the process flow. I was able to immediately take away a process. There were a few forehead slapping moments and it was really pretty fun too! I highly recommend this workshop.

~ HR Director at Baking Company

“I attended Todd’s Lean training class and was astounded at the ideas I took away. He was clear about how to eliminate waste, made it easy to learn – fun videos, and was great at helping the group re-think how training can make a difference. It was a GREAT class….”

~ Founder, consulting company

“Todd Hudson’s workshop on applying Lean principles was extraordinary.  After just 15 minutes, I began experiencing ‘AHA moments’ that lasted throughout the session. His well-articulated perspective has already made a positive difference.”

~ HR/OD consultant

Talk with Todd to see whether the Maverick Continuous Improvement Workshop is right for you.