Working to Relieve Coronavirus Medical Supply Shortages? We Want to Help

Is your organization working to relieve shortages of medical PPE, testing and/or medical equipment for coronavirus?


Are you changing over production/operations from your original business to produce masks, gloves, face shields, ventilators or hand sanitizer?


Are you a hospital, clinic or lab treating COVID-19 patients or researching treatments?


If so, we’d like to help you … FREE OF CHARGE.

At the Maverick Institute for Operations Excellence we want to bring our expertise to the coronavirus fight. If you meet the above-listed qualifications, Head Maverick Todd Hudson will be happy to work with you – free of charge – via video conference to help you ramp up production and/or rapidly train workers in new skills and/or safety protocols.

Here’s how we can help:

Maverick Sure-Fire Knowledge Transfer for Fast, Efficient Training

Right now, when every hour and pair of hands counts, poor, inefficient training wastes precious time and materials and can result in defects, mistakes and even injuries or exposure. Using our Maverick Sure-Fire methodology, we can show you how to teach employees and volunteers critical new skills and safety protocols quickly and once, so your employees “get it right” the first time and every time.

Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Need help with process development and improvement, production layout, patient flow or laboratory processing? Todd Hudson is a highly experienced expert in industrial engineering/operations research and is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. He can help you maximally use the capacity you have now or plan for new capacity as you ramp up production.

If You’re Working to Stem Coronavirus, You Qualify

This offer is for organizations – large or small – that are ramping up or changing over production facilities to help with shortages of masks, gowns, shields, ventilators, medical equipment, hand sanitizer or anything that relates to the coronavirus effort.

We can also help if you are setting up temporary hospital spaces or testing facilities. 

Email Us to Get Started or Learn More

Let’s keep this fast and simple. Just email us and we’ll set up a phone call to see how we can help.

Note that our volunteer services are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so contact us as quickly as you can.

For more information about Todd Hudson and the Maverick Institute, please visit our website at