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Lean Learning Speed Course

  • What is Lean?
    And how can you use it to accelerate learning in your organization?
  • The Four Pillars of Lean Learning
    The principles behind the methodology.
  • The Learning Burden
    A calculation that may shock you.
  • Learning Value Streams
    Seeing the whole beyond the parts.
  • The Eight Forms of Training Waste
    Eliminate these to accelerate learning and performance.
  • The Eight Types of Learning Value
    Add these to speed learning and retention.
  • The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle
    A guide for continuous improvement
  • Lean Techniques and Tools
    Gemba walks, SMART goals, and more.
  • Understanding Lean “Belt” Certifications
    How Yellow, Green, and Black Belts work together.
  • Integrating Lean Learning with Lean Operations, Lean Healthcare, and Lean Office
    How Accelerating Learning Speeds Other Lean Initiatives

White Papers, Case Studies & Reference Guides

  • Lean Learning for Healthcare
  • How a Lean Black Belt Candidate Saved $1 Million Per Year with His Certification Project
  • The Eight Training Wastes and Learning Value Reference Guides
  • And more!

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