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Lean Learning for
Hospitals & Healthcare

Is your healthcare organization embracing Lean?

Are you facing learning-related problems
(e.g., compliance or safety issues)?

Is the learning burden overwhelming employees?

If any of those are true, Lean Learning is a powerful way to
make Learning & Development efficient and cost effective.

Your Organization's
Lean Burden
Compliance Issues
Enable Staff to Spend Less
Time in Training and More
Time in their Jobs
Improve Safety
Create Mistake-Free

If your Organization is Embracing Lean Healthcare,
You NEED Lean Learning!

Implementing Lean Healthcare requires that everyone at all levels of the organization learn new roles, new techniques and even new ways of thinking.

Slow or ineffective learning often becomes the primary bottleneck to a successful Lean implementation.

Lean Learning helps you accelerate Lean Healthcare by making learning efficient, effective AND by giving your L&D professionals a common Lean language and methods so they can closely coordinate with your Lean Healthcare implementation team.

Free Speed Course and "Lean Learning for Healthcare" White Paper

Learn more about Lean Learning and see
how Lean can transform your training.

"With Lean Learning, my entire L&D team is working to
reduce training waste in everything they design and deliver.
They are thinking about learning in a whole new way."
— Maverick Black Belt Candidate, World-Renowned Children's Hospital
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