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Yellow Belt Certification

Our Most Basic Level
of Certification

Designed for those who create and deploy
individual learning solutions, such as
e-learning courses and training courses.

Price: $995

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Yellow belts employ basic Lean skills with a focus on eliminating Training Waste.

They learn how to:

Identify, Eliminate and
Avoid the Eight Lean
Training Wastes
Map the

Create good Problem Statements
and Set SMART Goals for
Learning Solutions
Follow the
(PDCA) cycle

Yellow Belts learn these skills while actively applying them on the job. By the end of
the certification they will be able to create, or retool, a Lean learning solution.

"With Lean Learning, my entire L&D team is working to
reduce training waste in everything they design and deliver.
They are thinking about learning in a whole new way."
— Maverick Black Belt Candidate, World-Renowned Children's Hospital

Self-study + One-on-One Coaching

Maverick certifications are designed to be Lean! Belt candidates study at their own convenience via e-learning and receive one-on-one telehphone coaching by a Lean Learning Black Belt. Progress to completion is carefully tacked via project management tools and the candidate's supervisor can view progress at any time.

Certification Project

Lean Learning helps you accelerate Lean Healthcare by making learning efficient, effective AND by giving your L&D professionals a common Lean language and methods so they can closely coordinate with your Lean Healthcare implementation team.


Price: $995

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Special Note for Corporate Transformation Programs

In corporate Lean Learning transformation programs where entire learning
teams are being certified, Yellow Belts are typically supervised by Green
Belts, and their choice of project should be decided with the help and
approval of their Green Belt supervisor.

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