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horses-runningAt the Maverick Institute, our mission is to transform corporate learning with the power of Lean.

Founded by Six Sigma black belt Todd Hudson, we pioneered the application of Lean to Learning & Development, creating a specific methodology for eliminating “training waste” and adding learning value to accelerate knowledge flow across the organization.

We offer Yellow, Green and Black belt certifications in Lean Learning. Our belt candidates come from a wide variety of industries, including:

  • World-renowned hospitals and healthcare providers
  • Major automotive manufacturers
  • Global financial institutions
  • Freight companies
  • and many others, both large and small.

Our candidates work on real-world projects as they complete their certfications, often saving their organizations millions of dollars in the process. Our goal is for every candidate to achieve at least a 10x return on the cost of their certification.


About Our Founder, Todd Hudson

toddHead Maverick Todd Hudson hates waste.

With more than 25 years of Lean operations and plant management experience, and more than ten years as a global knowledge transfer expert, Todd has worked with US, European and Chinese companies in nearly every industry.

Todd is clear sighted and a truth teller. His insatiable curiosity and keen observation skills get right to the heart of knowledge transfer issues. Never satisfied with the status quo, Todd is the consummate “why not” thinker, helping certification candidates set (and reach!) stretch goals for accelerating knowledge flow and saving valuable resources. He is all about measurable results and positive impact.

Todd is also a popular public speaker, both at private company events and at conferences for Lean and learning, training and development (such as SHRM, ASTD and Training Magazine). His articles have appeared on Chief Learning Officer’s website, the New York Times, and many other business media.

He is the author of two books employing Lean methods for new hires: My Personal Onboarding Plan: The New Hire’s Guide to On-the-Job Success and Not a Moment to Lose: The Step-by-Step Guide to Internship Success. He is currently working on a third book about applying Lean to learning and knowledge transfer.

Todd holds an MS in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts and a BA in Chinese from Connecticut College. He is a foodie, a cyclist and an amateur filmmaker.


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