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2017…The Year of the ‘Lean Learning’ Book

Lean helps book writing process

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to rock in 2017. I sure am.

As you can tell from this blog’s title, I’ve landed on my one, super important resolution and am making it public to hold my feet to the fire.

Needed A New Process

My book about applying Lean thinking and methods to training and learning has been gestating for several years and my passion for topic has never flagged, but my efforts get it down and organized have been stop and go.

My renewed excitement is due to some root cause analysis I performed on myself during December. Using the 5 Why’s, I learned two important things and adjusted my writing process according. One was attitudinal and the other was organizational.

Attitude…Struggle IS Creativity

Lean is all about experimentation and ‘acting your way to new thinking.’ One of my roles as a Lean consultant is to inspire my clients to embrace trying and failing.

So, who inspires the inspirer when he’s stuck? I needed role models to inspire me and I found them in music, specifically in alternative and earlier versions of favorite songs.

Several musicians I follow routinely publish their earlier works and listening to them was a revelation. Some versions were okay and I could understand why they scrapped it for another approach. Some were terrible, but I could still hear the tenor of the future hit. After struggling, they eventually found the right sound.

I realized that if my Rock Gods struggle to create, then it’s normal and okay if I struggle.

Organize…There’s An App for That!

Writing this book has meant linking together two topics that haven’t been connected before. My inspiration for this connection came from having a foot in both worlds…talking with people, attending conferences, giving presentations, reading books and blogs, facilitating projects and certifications. Subsequently, I amassed folders and folders of files and files to manage (inventory!).

Keeping all these connections in my head was draining my creativity. I was always anxious that I’d forget something important or just inadvertently leave it out.

Well, it turns out there’s great writing software that allows you to link research documents to chapters, pages and even paragraphs. I was able to import my book draft and create explicit connections to my inventory of research.

And reviewing my research inventory improved my draft because it turns out I did forget important stuff and left it out! I was also able to delete files that were obsolete or irrelevant. A double win!

Need Your Help

I’ll be periodically posting ideas, topics and even draft chapters from my book here for your review and comments. Please give me your honest feedback and I welcome your suggestions for improvement. Feel free to share these posts with anyone you think would have something to add or would benefit themselves.

I wish you the best of luck in attaining your own 2017 goals.

Let’s Ride!

Todd Hudson, Head Maverick

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