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Funnel Lean Savings into More Customer Value (Not Lower Prices)

People focus too much on Lean as a way to reduce costs. Yes, that’s frequently one result, but Lean, at its core, is about creating more customer/patient value. Show ‘Em the LUV The perfect example is Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV). You’ll never see the word ‘Lean’ on their website or any corporate communications. And to my […]

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Don’t Be Scared Away From Lean

As you can imagine, I’m on a lot of mailing lists and social media groups about Lean and see it described and talked about in many ways. Recently, some of these have been really over the top and, quite frankly, do a disservice. Headlines like “Improvement Through Cultural Transformation!” either scare people away or are so vague and highfaluting that […]

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5S This Mess!!!

Well, July almost killed my wife and me. Packing, moving, traveling and coaching certification candidates while we were both fighting off one of the worst summer colds ever. It was not pretty let me tell you. But, we’re moved into our new house and clearly have lots of work to do. You don’t want to […]

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