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Cutting Out Waste (or Cutting Your Own Throat?)

  In last week’s post, my Lean Waste Calculator showed you how the minutes that employees are forced to waste to accomplish work quickly turn into thousands of hours for the organization as a whole. These equate to full-time employees NOT adding value and the numbers get mindblowingly big. What was the impact of the […]

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Small Wastes Get BIG Quickly

I’m going to show you some numbers. And you’re going to want to see them sitting down. No, really. They’re going to be hard to believe. You’re going to see how small wastes get BIG very quickly. Specifically, I’m going to show you how minutes of wasted time turns into dozens, even hundreds, of employees […]

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Portland House Hunting Horrors

Buying a house in Portland, Oregon, is a nightmare. Whatever crazy, outrageous stories you’ve heard, they’re true. Whatever unbelievable statistics you’ve read, they’re also true. Get ready to hear mine. There’s less than four weeks of inventory on the market; there’s normally six MONTHS available. Sellers are greedy and inflexible. Buyers (myself included) are desperate and foolish. But, it’s […]

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Lean is Hope (But Not Like This)

  Lean is hope, but not in the sense of ‘I hope things get better.’ That’s hope as powerlessness. Lean is powerful. I got thinking about this after writing last week’s post on improvement cultures. Different improvement approaches create different business cultures and these cultures accept change more or less. Without hope, it’s hard to accept […]

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The Road to Lean, Part 2: Improvement Culture

Last week in my post The Road to Lean, I wrote about improving improvement and what it means to ‘do Lean.’ Specifically, we looked at improvement processes along three key dimensions, i.e., velocity, engagement and magnitude, and how the first two interacted. This week, let’s continue focusing on velocity and engagement. Different combinations of them […]

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