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The Road to Lean

Every organization is improving; they have to. Consumers and patients want higher quality and better outcomes. Shareholders demand lower costs and higher profits. New laws and regulations require better compliance and performance. And every organization has a current process for meeting these changing demands. Some organizations lead the charge, some are ‘fast followers’, others lag behind and still […]

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Are You a ‘Frog in a Well’?

I spend a lot of time talking with people unfamiliar with Lean and, while I’m absolutely mad about the topic, these sessions can sometimes be very frustrating. Despite my best efforts, some people look just plain confused and others react with strong denial when I describe how Lean works and what it can deliver. The […]

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Lean Isn’t ‘Nice’, But It’s NOT ‘Front-stabbing’!

The Wall Street Journal recently published a cringe-worthy article titled ‘Nice’ Is a Four-Letter Word at Companies Practicing Radical Candor. Here’s a paragraph from the article that captures the spirit of it. “Some companies are pushing workers to drop the polite workplace veneer and speak frankly to each other no matter what. The practice is […]

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Gaming is Anti-Lean Training

Traveling frequently on airplanes this past year, I started playing mobile games to pass the time or take a break from work in the flying office. I’ve been playing classics like Tetris and new ones like Geometry. I’m not a big gamer; you’ll never see my name on the Leader Board. I quickly get bored or, […]

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