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Are You Aiming for True North?

June 27, 2014   Ever have a moment like this…you’ve learned something new and are applying it on the job and you’re thinking “I’ve got this. Yeah, I totally understand this.” But, then, you stop and reflect on what you’ve done and, suddenly, it looks strange. Doubt creeps in. You start to wonder: Am I […]

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The Surprising Thing that Throttles Learning

  June 19, 2014 It’s safe to say that every organization in the world today needs knowledge to flow freely and rapidly. Yes, every organization in the world. It’s that important. But in most organizations, there’s a force working against that goal, actively throttling learning and keeping that essential knowledge from reaching those who need it […]

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Connecting Learning, Work and Value

June 12, 2014 I’m just back from the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit 2014 in Los Angeles. Really inspiring to see how healthcare providers are improving experiences and outcomes for patients, and also to hear so many great stories about how nurses and techs are jazzed about their expanded roles in delivering better care with Lean. […]

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