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Train Less, Bill More

January 29, 2014 Does your organization bill by the hour, procedure or job? If so, Lean Learning offers you a potent way to increase revenue. The logic on this is simple: Employee hours spent in training are time away from the job: time that’s not billable. The more you reduce your organization’s learning burden (the total […]

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Father Guido’s 5 Minutes of Wisdom

January 17, 2014 When I came across this “Five-Minute University” video a few years ago, I just about fell on the floor laughing. Not because it’s absurd. Because it’s TRUE. What Father Guido is illustrating is Lean Training Waste #3: Over Teaching. The Most Common Waste Over teaching is the most common waste in Lean […]

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Want More Credibility? Make this Resolution.

January 10, 2014 How many times a week does someone lean their head into your office and say, “Hey, we need a training course on xyz?” But do they really need it? Too often, people request learning solutions for issues that learning can’t, or won’t, solve. If you make just one professional resolution for 2014, […]

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