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12 Tips for Lean Learning from 2013

December 19, 2013 Can 2013 really be wrapping up so soon? It’s been a terrific year coaching our Black, Green and Yellow Belt candidates and watching them make big gains with Lean Learning. I also spoke at the SHRM Talent, NE Lean and Mid-Atlantic Lean conferences and enjoyed sharing the wonderful transformation that Lean can […]

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Visual, Intuitive and Obvious

December 12, 2013 When you bought your last smart phone or tablet and took it out of the box, did you: read the manual? watch a video on how to use it? go to a class? Nah, you didn’t do any of those things, did you. You just turned the thing on and started tapping, […]

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Don’t Think. Throw.

  December 5, 2013 In the movie “Bull Durham,” Kevin Costner plays a wise catcher tasked with teaching Tim Robbins’ young “meathead” pitcher how to win. When the pitcher tries to shake off his instruction, Costner’s character tells him to get out of his head. “Don’t think,” he says. “Throw.” I want you to remember […]

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