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3 Easy Tips to Ward Off Learning Zombies

October 31, 2013 We’ve all seen it. That moment when their eyes glaze over as if they’re looking into the void of another universe. The shambling and the muttering and the stumbling. Their desperate hunger for a working brain. I’m talking about the moment when weariness or boredom makes your learners give up the ghost. […]

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A Learning Calculation that Will Shock You

  October 25, 2013 One of the first things we ask our Black Belt candidates to do is to calculate what we call the “learning burden,” which is the total amount of time that all the training activities in an organization consume. And we have yet to have a candidate that isn’t absolutely shocked at […]

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Eliminate Training Waste with 70:20:10

  If you’re a learning professional, you’ve probably heard of 70:20:10. A model for learning and development, it says that job-related learning naturally breaks down as follows: 70% on-the-job, specifically accomplishing tough assignments 20% from other people (mostly a boss) 10% from courses and reading If we took this as a literal formula, it might […]

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Look Before You Leap into a Learning Solution

  Most learning professionals have the can-do spirit of superheroes. Got a problem in the call center? Let’s run a class! Lab techs not following safety protocols? Let’s make an elearning course! And it’s not just learning pros. How many times have department managers poked their heads in your office and said “I need a […]

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Steal These Ideas! 3 Lessons from the NE Shingo Conference

Last week, at the Northeast Shingo Conference, I presented the case study of a certification project done by one of our Lean Learning Black Belts. I wish our candidate could have been there with me to see the audience’s reaction when they saw the dramatic results he is generating with Lean. His project is not […]

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