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Doctor’s Music Video Teaches Asthma Treatment: But is it Lean?

September 27, 2013 When staff failed to follow asthma treatment guidelines at Glenfield Hospital in Great Britain, one of its physicians, Tapas Mukherjee, came up with a wonderfully creative and well-executed learning solution: a music video. The story, as reported on the “Shots” blog at NPR, sparked a rambunctious debate here at the Maverick offices. […]

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Who’s in Charge of Your Learning Value Stream?

(The answer could save your organization huge dollars.) September 19, 2013 To illustrate a point about Lean Learning, I need to tell you the sad story of a failed cake. Sylvia was hosting a big celebration for her parents’ 50th anniversary. She ordered a delicious cake from the Sweetie-Sweets Bakery, to be delivered at exactly […]

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6 Reasons Why Learning Fails (And How You Can Make it Succeed)

  September 12, 2013 Let’s face it. A lot of learning solutions fail to produce great results. Worse, the goals and measurement of those solutions are often so squishy no one even knows whether the learning succeeded or failed (well, except the poor learners and/or your customers/patients). No one sets out to create ineffective learning. […]

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Lean Learning Value: Alignment

September 6, 2013 It’s a Tuesday in April and your team is in a full-bore, overtime-fueled sprint to quantify results on deadline for the research grant that funds most of your department, when Harry from Training appears at your door. “I need to do Code of Conduct compliance training for your entire staff in the […]

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